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Shipp-it Inc.

At Shipp-it Inc. we offer a variety of services to meet your off-process packaging, logistical, and special shipping needs. Our goal is for the process to be seamless, cost effective and timely. 

Choose from the following services as they fit your needs:

1. Freight Brokerage: We will match your pickup and delivery requirements with the right type of service and carrier. Whether you are looking for truck load, LTL, time critical, expedited or standard freight, we have it covered.

2. Mobile 3rd Party Logistics: This is ideal for re-pack situations, service runs and trial shipment support. We can provide this on a regular or as needed basis.​

3. Packaging: We work with a select group of expendable packaging companies to provide you with a wide array of crates, boxes, and modules along with a variety of custom and standard dunnage inserts. We offer high quality and short lead times.

Shipp-it Inc.


3rd Party


Scope of Services
Brokerage services support regional, national and exported freight. 
Mobile 3rd Party Logistics services are focused in Indiana, Kentucky
and Ohio but can be scaled to meet your requirements. Expendable
packaging is tailored to your requirements. Our standard hours of
operation are ​Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Contact us at (812) 599-0753 or through our contact page.

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At Shipp-it Inc. we strive to serve you in the most efficient and hassle-free way possible. To achieve this, we conduct due diligence in selecting the carriers and packaging companies we use. We verify both the pickup and delivery capabilities of our carriers. Few things are more stressful and sometimes costly, than a shipment that did not get picked up. We also insure that our packaging companies can meet your delivery timing with functional packaging that protects your product.