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About Shipp-it Inc.

We are a freight services, and mobile third party logistics company, headquartered in Madison Indiana. We focus on the time critical and expedited freight services needs of Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive manufacturers as well as small businesses. Our goal is to provide you with freight and packaging solutions that insure your shipment arrives on time and intact. We offer trial shipment support and expendable packaging solutions. We will soon be offering freight forwarding, warehousing and traditional 3rd party logistics services.​
Shipp-it Inc. is fully insured, bonded and licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

I am Michael J Shipp, founder and president of Shipp-it Inc.
After years of handling the packaging and logistics for a tier 1 automotive supplier, I found that too much of my time was
spent negotiating rates and chasing trial shipment delivery confirmations during new model development. Finding space
to store the expendable packaging for these shipments or finding someone to package them often proved to be troublesome as well. This is because manufacturing facilities are designed for mass production and so are their logistical structures. The design is for regular shipments, in standard quantities, with standardized packaging. Off Process, Irregular Shipments, Expedited Freight Services Odd Quantities, and Alternative Packaging are not part of the design.

It was this understanding of logistics in a manufacturing
environment that led to Shipp-it Inc. At Shipp-it Inc. we
thrive on irregular shipments, odd quantities and alternative packaging. This is what we are designed to do. We work with a
host of reliable carriers, expediters, and owner operators to provide you with reliable on time shipping. We also work with numerous packaging companies to be able to provide you with expendables
that are both cube efficient and durable. We can also come to your facility or an offsite location and pack your shipments as well. You already have the normal condition covered; it is what you are
designed to do. The off process and irregular are what we are designed to do. expedited freight services, packaging, or 3rd party logistics; choose any or all of these services, we would love to make a difference for you.


At Shipp-it Inc. we strive to serve you in the most efficient and hassle-free way possible. To achieve this, we conduct due diligence in selecting the carriers and packaging companies we use. We verify both the pickup and delivery capabilities of our carriers. Few things are more stressful and sometimes costly, than a shipment that did not get picked up. We also insure that our packaging companies can meet your delivery timing with functional packaging that protects your product.
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