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We offer a variety of Freight and Packaging Services to fit your Logistical needs. We offer tailored Freight Services for Time Critical and Expedited Shipments as well as Regular Truck Load and LTL shipments.

We offer a Mobile 3rd Party Logistics Service where we will come to your facility or an offsite location, package your shipment and schedule the carrier.

We can even provide custom or standard expendable packaging to fit your needs. Coming soon we will be offering warehousing, freight forwarding as well as traditional 3rd Party Logistics.


At Shipp-it Inc. we specialize
in LTL, Time Critical and
Expedited Freight Services, Expendable Packaging and Mobile 3rd Party Logistics Solutions.

We are geared towards the needs of Manufacturing companies, the Automotive Industry and
Small Businesses.

Our mission is to meet your needs with the right type of freight, packaging, and logistics

Our core principle is that With Shipp-it Inc. you should expect your shipments to be delivered on time, intact
and at the right price.


To Build the Most Reliable and Effective Delivery Mechanism for LTL, Time Critical, and Expedited Freight Services.

To provide our customers with a vast array of Reliable Custom and Standard Expendable Packaging with the Shortest Lead Times Possible.

To redefine the concept of 3rd Party Logistics Services and tailor them to fit the individual needs of our customers.

We will accomplish this by partnering with a select group of dependable freight and packaging companies dedicated to providing excellent products and services.

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In a Just In Time Manufacturing Environment, On Time Delivery and Proper Packaging are Crucial. At Shipp-it Inc. we understand that one missed shipment or late delivery can shut down production. Shipp-it Inc. is much more than just a freight brokerage. We are a complete freight services company and offer the total package for your time critical, irregular or off process logistical needs as well as standard and expedited freight services. Everything is tailored to your needs. We provide standard and expedited freight services, mobile 3rd party logistics and a variety of expendable packaging options that are tailored to your needs and insure that just in time doesn’t become too little too late.

Not only do we give you an on time pickup and delivery with confirmation, we can provide
you with expendable packaging and package the shipment for you as well.
We can do this at your facility or at offsite locations in support of trial shipments as well.
We know that you have many choices in automotive freight services and
at Shipp-it Inc. we want to be your Automotive Freight Broker of choice.

Coming soon, we will be offering warehousing and traditional 3rd party logistics.
This is a good option for repack projects or accumulating orders for trial shipments
while leaving your floor space open for mass production.

We take ownership in every container that we supply or pack and every shipment we broker.
We only use reliable fully insured carriers, and the right packaging for your needs.
Expedited Freight Services should be just that. You should expect results, not excuses.

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